Four Dining Establishments In The City Of Wilmington DE For You To Enjoy

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Four Dining Establishments In The City Of Wilmington DE For You To Enjoy


Wilmington might not be the capital city of Delaware, but it is the state’s largest city. ‘The corporate capital of the world’ as it is called is beautiful, especially the downtown area of Wilmington, which is positioned right up against the Christina River. There are 440+ restaurants in the city of Wilmington DE, and these four top picks will help you find breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hollywood Grill is a great place to grab breakfast, and it is located on Concord Pike. You should see the pictures of the French toast that is served up there. Aside from breakfast, Hollywood Grill is also a popular place for lunch, serving up delicious Reubens, fried clams and burgers, just to name a few menu items. This establishment is also a favorite of the locals, and reviews mention that there can sometimes be a wait.

Harry’s Savory Grill is on Naamans Road, and it is a good place to sit down for lunch. Prime rib, crab cakes and lobster rolls are a few menu items served up at this restaurant. If you are in the mood for dessert, you can order up a delicious apple crisp or perhaps some delicious blueberry cobbler. Reviews talk about the establishment having a pleasant atmosphere, and people also talk highly of the service. You can’t go wrong choosing Harry’s Savory Grill for lunch in Wilmington DE.

Eclipse Bistro is on North Union Street, and it is said to be a great dinner spot. You can enjoy delicious pasta dishes, bread pudding, venison and more at this dining establishment. Eclipse Bistro is especially noted for its signature salads, and the picture om a travel site of a chocolate dessert served up at this establishment looks good. What’s more is the restaurant is said to be very elegant.

You might also want to try out Border Cafe, which serves up delicious Mexican cuisine. Border Cafe is on Stanton Christiana Road, and it is also known for serving up delicious cajun food. I don’t know about you, but I have never been to a restaurant that served up both cajun food and Mexican food. That sounds absolutely delicious.

You have a spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Wilmington, as well as a bonus pick. I would have to try the bonus pick for sure, and the three main picks sound great, too. You can always get started with breakfast at Hollywood Grill in Wilmington, Delaware.