Products & Benefits

MeroSys is a leading online food ordering system, developed to work for restaurants/food chains from all over the world.

Amazing Services

You could explore our various services geared towards the hospitality ranging from restaurant's custom web design to custom application development.

Working for You

MeroSys works for you 24x7x365 and provides your customers with anytime/anywhere access to your online food menu.

Cost Effective

MeroSys is competitively priced with packages starting for as low as US $19.95 (per month) and offers you the ability to set up your online restaurant instantly.

Why Choose Us?

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    Increased Revenue

    For a small monthly fee, you have a whole new convenient way to accept orders from your customers!

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    No Installation - No Hosting

    MeroSys is a web based online food ordering service and no on-site installation is necessary! We manage your servers - all you need to do is to sign up! You can be up and running in bare 48 hours!

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    Make Your Business Efficient

    Taking phone orders takes time! With our online food menu ordering system, you can eliminate the need of many hours on the phone and costly phone lines! Receive your orders securely in real time!

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    Broader Customer Reach

    Broaden customers' reach with Merosys, the online meal ordering software. You can get orders 24*7*365. So now be available to customers even when you rest! You can even book large orders weeks in advance!

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    Zero Cost Maintenance

    You don't need to worry about costly updates! You are able to control everything about your online ordering system!

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    Low Advertising Costs

    Provides you another channel for Marketing and Promotion, lowering your advertising costs!